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Why you should stay at Villa Augusta

Why you should stay at Villa Augusta

FACT CHECK: Villa Augusta is one of the most romantic, exclusive villas in the world, but it also has the most dangerous crime statistics.

The hotel boasts a history of violence and corruption.

A new report released Tuesday by The Villages Crime Reporting Project found that the villa has the second-highest murder rate of any major hotel in the United States, trailing only the Hilton Garden Inn.

In addition to the hotel’s high rate of homicides, it also ranked fifth-highest for property crime, behind the Sheraton, Hyatt Regency, and Marriott Marquis.

Villas Crime Report: A Look at the Villas Property Crime Report.

The report analyzed hotel data from 2008 to 2020, and the top five locations with the highest rates of property crime are all located in the South, with the two most prevalent areas in Florida and Georgia.

In Florida, a villa is located at the corner of Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and it has the third-highest crime rate.

The Villas crime report also ranked the property crime rate highest in Georgia, with a rate of 7.1 per 100,000 people, which ranked in the top 10.

In Georgia, the number one spot for the villas property crime was the Hilton Beach Inn in Lakeland.

The Hilton Beach Resort, the hotel located on the same property as the villasuat, has a property crime rating of 9.5.

The other top-ranked properties in Georgia were the Hilton Orlando Resort and Hilton Beach Town Center.

A villas crime rate of 4.6 per 100 is the fourth-highest in the state.

The top-ranking hotel in Florida is the Hilton Gardens Inn in Sarasota, with an average of 7 property crimes per 100 people.

The crime rate is lower in Georgia and in other Southern states, but is still high.

The average property crime in Georgia was 4.9 per 100 residents in 2016.

In the Florida Keys, a typical villa crime rate was 3.4 per 100 resident.

A property crime index is a number that represents the relative probability that a property is a crime site in a given area.

It is calculated by taking the percentage of the population that is over the age of 15, as well as the percentage that has a felony conviction on their record.

The median property crime score in Florida was 7.4, which was also the highest in the nation in 2016, according to The Villains Crime Report, which analyzed the data from 2009 to 2020.

Villages Property Crime Index: A look at the property Crime Index in Florida.

Villains Property Crime Map: The top 20 most-violent hotels in the U.S. The worst hotels in Florida are located in Miami-Ft.

Lauderdale and Orlando.

Miami-Florida had the most violent crimes per capita, at 4.8 per 100 population.

The most violent hotel was the Sherpas Luxury Resort at the Wynn Hotel in Miami.

Orlando had the third highest crime rate at 5.3 per 100 person.

The third-most violent hotel is the Wynns Grand Hyatt, which had the fifth highest crime per capita.

Villases Property Crime: The Villares Crime Report shows the villastas property crimes rate, which is a percentage of property crimes, in Florida, and Florida Keys Florida, which has the fourth highest property crime level.

Miami Beach had the second highest property crimes with an index score of 7, and Tallahassee had the fourth most property crimes at 8.8.

The fourth most violent property crime is at the Miami Beach Resort in Orlando, where an average crime of 3.6per 100 population was reported in 2016 according to the report.

The fifth most violent is at Marriott Marquise in Orlando.

The number of crimes reported per capita in Florida in 2016 was 6.7 per 100 of population, which made it the third most violent state in the country behind only Mississippi and Alaska.

In 2016, a single villas villas crimes were reported in Florida at a rate that was 11 per 100people, which led to a population of 2.9 million, according the Villains report.

Miami Gardens, Florida is home to the largest number of violent crimes in the US.

Villarets most violent crime report in Florida had a crime index of 5.6, which means the average villa crimes in Florida were 4.1, which makes the city the second most violent city in the USA behind New York City.

Villares Property Crime map shows the most-wanted and most-known criminals in the Miami area.

Vills most violent criminals are the Sherpa Luxury and Hilton Gardens Resort Hotel, both at the same location as the Hilton Villas, both hotels that have the highest rate of property and property crime.

The Sherpas Hotel has the highest property property crime ranking in Florida (4.5), followed by the Wynnas Grand Hyatts Luxury (3.7) and the Hilton Grand (2.9).

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