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Why you should visit the animal kingdom in December

Why you should visit the animal kingdom in December

Disney has decided to open two new theme parks in the U.S. in December: Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, and Epcot, the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

In addition to the parks opening in December, Disney will open two additional attractions in Orlando and Epaulettes, Mexico.

Epcot is a new attraction that will offer the first time a theme park attraction will offer a live experience from an animal kingdom.

Disney says that the park will be the first Disney theme park to offer an all-animal experience.

Disney has said that this will allow guests to see animals interact with one another and the natural environment and it will allow the park to grow.

Disney has also said that the parks new ride, The Princess and the Frog, will be a “first-of-its-kind attraction that brings guests into the world of the Princess and gives them an intimate glimpse into the life of her parents, the royal family of Arendelle.”

The park will also open its doors to guests for the first day of Epcot in 2018.

The parks opening comes as the Disney parks theme park experience has seen a huge increase in popularity.

Disney has said it plans to open more than 50 new theme park attractions over the next year.

This will be Disney’s fourth year of adding a theme parks to the Walt, Pixar, and Marvel brands.

It’s not clear if the park expansions will affect the park’s attendance numbers or whether they will just be added to make room for the expansions.

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