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How to save money on the best donuts in the country

How to save money on the best donuts in the country

Donuts, a breakfast staple, are now one of the best-kept secrets in Australia, according to a new study by the Australian National University.

The study, published in the Australian Economic Review, found that a single can of donuts costs less than $3,000.

The survey also found that the average price for a slice of donut is less than a dollar.

The report found that donuts are widely available and cost between $4 and $7 per slice, which equates to a saving of $1,500 to $3 in the long run.

The university said that although it found no clear evidence that donut prices were rising, the study was the first to find this to be the case.

“The study finds no evidence that the price of donets has risen in Australia in the past five years, and the cost of a slice was only $1.65, the lowest of any other food in the study,” the university said.

The research also found the average size of a donut slice was about three times smaller than the average sized sandwich, which was about one-and-a-half times smaller.

A study by University of Sydney Professor Stephen Meehan in 2013 found that there was a $20 increase in the cost per slice of a single donut in Australia between 2003 and 2013, with the average serving size increasing by about three-quarters.

“In a nutshell, donut pricing in Australia has been remarkably stable since 2003, even after inflation,” Professor Meehans study said.

“While we’ve seen some changes over the past few years, overall donut-price growth has remained at very low levels, with average slices averaging less than one-quarter of their pre-crisis prices.”

Professor Miehans report suggested that don’t be fooled by the “cheap” name: the donut’s cost has actually fallen by about 20 per cent since 2003.

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