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When I met villa palerma, she said she lived in the Villa Antonia and was a “white girl who liked to drink”

When I met villa palerma, she said she lived in the Villa Antonia and was a “white girl who liked to drink”

I recently had a chance to talk to villa antoni palermola, a native villager and one of the residents of the Villa Palermo in Tuscan, Italy, who told me she lived at Villa Palermola in Tuscany.

I had been living in Italy since I was six years old, and was not yet a native of Italy.

Palermala told me her father was a farmer in the country.

When she was younger, she recalled, she grew up in a small village in the region of Risorgimento in the Basque Country, near Barcelona.

“I lived there for many years, but I didn’t have a father.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor.

I wanted a house.

I was always afraid of being abandoned, but my father taught me a lot.

He was a good man.

I learned a lot from him.

He taught me how to read, how to write, how a man should be, how he should live.”

She told me about her own childhood in the village.

“The only thing I was afraid of was the police, because they were the ones who killed my father,” she said.

“My father was killed when he was just 14 years old.

They killed him, and when he came home he was not well.

So I went to the police station and said I was the victim.

But they told me to leave.

They beat me, beat my sister, my brother, my cousin, my mother, my grandmother. “

They killed my mother too, and I never saw her again.

They beat me, beat my sister, my brother, my cousin, my mother, my grandmother.

They threw me in a cell and threw me into the street.

I remember being scared.

I didn, I remember crying.

I just wanted to die, but the people kept beating me.”

She continued, “When I was about eight years old I wanted something.

I couldn’t find a job, but someone told me I should become a doctor, and that I should go to a hospital.

I did that.

I started to work in the hospital.

They gave me a doctor’s licence.

And I did my work there, and in the meantime my father died.

But I went back to my village and I stayed there.

When my father was dead, I went there and my brother and my cousin were still there.

I could not get a job there, but in my village I was doing my work, and so I stayed.”

Palermina, who was only about 10 years old at the time, told me that she knew nothing about her village.

She told her story about her father, her father’s work, her mother, and her grandparents.

“When we were kids, we went to our grandparents.

I have always loved to travel,” she told me.

“And in my younger years, I traveled.

I knew a lot of people, and a lot that I knew were not people.

But it was difficult.

I don’t know how I did it.

I can’t really explain.

I think my father didn’t like me.

My father was not happy with me.

I’m not going to say why, but he was angry.

He told me, ‘If you want to be happy, you have to work.'”

Palermini, who has now become a resident of the villa with her mother and father, told Breitbart News she left Tuscan because she wanted to live in Italy.

“There are a lot people in my country, people who don’t like us, but they live here,” she explained.

“We are Italians, and we have to have a different lifestyle.

We need to go back to Tuscan.

But now I want to live here.”

I asked Palermins why she didn’t want to return to Tuscon.

“If you are from the area, you know that you can’t leave, and it is very important to you to be here,” Palermine said.

She continued: “If I didn´t want to stay in Tuscon, I would have stayed here, because I knew there was something in it for me.

It´s difficult, because when I am here, I want more and more, I need to be around people, I don´t know where I am.

And it´s a lot harder here.

I asked. “

What do you think, it’s a good idea for people to come here and learn more about Italy, because it´ll help them understand more about this country?”

I asked.

“It will help them a lot, because the people here are educated and very kind, and they help the economy.

They are really good people. I know a

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