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How to celebrate the birth of a new baby with Papa’s birthday cake

How to celebrate the birth of a new baby with Papa’s birthday cake

Pancho Villa is a little-known New York City institution known for its signature panda cake.

It’s the place where Papa is celebrated with his birthday cake every December and where he is still buried in the city.

In this photo, Papa is seated on a throne.

But for those of us who know the story behind this one-of-a-kind, there are a few things you should know.1.

The panda was born in Panchos villas basement.2.

It was made by his grandmother.3.

It wasn’t a cake.

It was actually a special birthday cake.

Papa is still alive, but the life of a child was cut short last year when he was born prematurely.

A few weeks before he was due to be buried, his grandmother gave birth to a baby girl.

Papa died at age 10.

But a team of volunteers who had come to visit his home in the Dominican Republic to pay tribute to his memory came upon the corpse.

They discovered a beautiful handmade panda costume and some other items, including a heart with a bow.

The team brought the costume to Panchomans home, where it was put on display.

After his funeral, they opened up a panda exhibit in Pano, a city near the Dominican border, to show how the panda has been treated in the world.

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