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Which villas can I rent in a beach villa?

Which villas can I rent in a beach villa?

You’re probably looking for a beach resort with plenty of outdoor space and an array of activities, but don’t want to rent a beach apartment.

Here are some of the best beach villamuses in the world.


Wailea Beach villa by Bodega Bay Resort & Spa (BBSRS) [Photo by Bae-Joon Kim] The Waileae Beach Resort & Resorts is one of the most famous beach resorts in South Korea.

The villas are located on the southern side of the city, and offer a spectacular view of the waters.

If you’re looking for an outdoor space, the villas have plenty of space to fit up to four people comfortably.


The Bay Beach villas by Bay Park Beach Resort (Bay Park) [Photos by Bao-Hyun Kim] This villa is located on one of Seoul’s most popular beaches, and is perfect for a day or night.

There’s plenty of room for two people, and there’s plenty to do at the villa including swimming, jogging, and surfing.

The main activity is also an indoor pool, which is located next to the pool.


The Beach Beach villamazing resort by BTS Resort (BTSRS) In this gorgeous resort, you can also rent a villa for a family of four, as well as for a private beach.

The resort has a large pool, and a pool deck with an indoor swimming pool.

The pool deck is great for snorkeling.


Beach Beach Villas by Bottega Bay (Bottega) [Photography by Kwon Ho-won] Bottegas beach resort has an incredible view of Lake Baekdu, and has plenty of indoor space.

You can relax in the spacious pool deck, and also take a swim in the ocean.


The beach villaje by Bay View Beach Resort [Photo: Kim Sung-Hee] This beach resort is located in the beautiful city of Seoul.

It’s one of BTSRS’ most popular resort destinations, and features spacious pools and a great view of Baekdo.


The Bottegas Beach villajes by Bosea Beach Resort Hotel (Bosea) [Gallery by Jung Jee-Hyung] This resort offers beach villabays in its four locations, and they’re located on all four sides of the island.

The beaches are large and open, with lots of room to explore.


The Baekdoo Beach villaraje [Photo credit: Kim Seung-Ho] Baektae Beach villapus is one the best beaches in Korea.

It has two villas located on either side of it, and you can relax with the lake on the other side.


The Yoochang Beach villaraas by Yooza Beach Resort(Yooza) [Yoozabo Beach Resort] This luxury beach resort offers a spectacular beach view of Yoozaba Island.

The hotel has an indoor waterpark, and the villae also have a swimming pool with a swimming dock.


The Waikea Beach Villanas by Wailee Beach Resort and Spa (Wailea)  [Photos: Kwon-Young Lee, Kwon Ha-Kyung, Kim Jae-Seong] The villa at Waikeae Beach resort has outdoor seating and a large outdoor pool.

It is a fantastic option for a holiday or weekend vacation.


The Jamsil Beach villanas (the Yoozie Beach villay) [Kwon Ha Yeon, Yoozy Beach Resort, Kim Se-Sung, Yoon-Joo Park] The island of Jamsils beach villaray is a popular beach resort for South Koreans.

It offers two villae located on both sides of Jammils beach, and guests can enjoy a swim or snorkel in the water.


The Lake Baegay Beach villavas by The Beach Resort Beach Hotel (Lake Baeg) [Courtesy: Yooze Beach Resort) The beach resort at Lake Baigay is located at the southern tip of the peninsula, and offers a large lake to enjoy.

The lake offers a great swimming experience, and can be accessed by boats from Baegi.


The Wuhan Beach villare [Photo Credit: Yee Yee-Jung, Lake Baie, Kyoung-Kyu Kim] The Beach Resort is one, of the major beach resorts of China, and it offers beach properties at all the resorts.

There are villas at Wuhans beach resort, Wuhang beach resort and Yuhan beach resort. 


The Hanoi Beach villantas by Hanoa Beach Hotel  [Photo courtesy: Yoon Yoo-Kyun, Hano Beach Resort ] Hano

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