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How Jonathan Villar’s house is transforming its urban core

How Jonathan Villar’s house is transforming its urban core

The next-door villa that’s become one of Irvine’s newest urban hubs, Villas Verde, is a sprawling complex of four buildings that have been transformed into apartments.

Built in 2004, the villas were built for the architect Jonathan “Jon” Villar, who was born in Ireland but immigrated to the U.S. to start a business.

His father, the late John Villar Jr., owned a construction company.

The Villar family also had an interest in the arts, and Jonathan’s mother, Dorothy, was an artist.

Jon’s mother had designed the first version of the house, and the villa was inspired by her work.

When Jon was a boy, he was very interested in architecture and decided to pursue it.

“He wanted to design his own house,” his mother said.

He wanted to build it like his father had.

Villas are designed by architects who specialize in small-scale architecture, and they can accommodate up to 25 people in their rooms.

Villars Verde has become a popular destination for artists and young professionals, who work and live in Irvine’s arts district.

In summer, a new theme park opens at the site, and Villar will be among the guests.

Villar grew up in Ireland, moved to California and settled in Irvine when he was 18.

He had the blessing of his parents to pursue architecture at an early age.

Villard started building his villas when he graduated high school, in 2003.

“I did a little bit of school architecture before that, so it was really fun,” he said.

“When I started out, I had a little concept of my own house, which was a small, intimate house that could be built in a week or two.”

After graduating high school in 2005, he worked as a landscape architect, working with architects and designers to make his own houses.

In 2009, he opened a company called Architects & Associates, which offers home-improvement services and design solutions.

He also owns the Irvine-based architecture firm JL Designs, which has developed several villas in Irvine.

“We were very lucky to work with the owners of Villas Venezia, which is a fantastic institution, because they’ve been so supportive of my project,” Villard said.

After finishing his architecture degree at UC Irvine, Villard moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and opened his own company, Villar & Associates.

Villards villas and apartments have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to Irvine each year, including celebrities like the Dalai Lama and the singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

The villas are also among the top destinations in Southern California, attracting more than 1.6 million visitors in 2016.

Villart also serves as president of the Irvine Arts Council, which organizes the local arts community.

“There are so many different types of architecture that can be done,” Villar said.

Villes Verde is located at the corner of U.C. Irvine Boulevard and Irvine Avenue, just east of the UC Irvine campus.

About half of the property is owned by Villars Associates, the firm that built the villae.

About the only remaining part of the Villar complex is a five-story building, which the firm has named Villas Villa Siena, or Villa S. The site is home to a variety of arts, cultural and social activities, including the Villas Theatre, which plays a series of performances at weekends.

The buildings, which are separated by a paved driveway, are a blend of modern and traditional architecture.

There are three different buildings that can house a single guest, and each house is designed to be open to the public.

The homes have been designed to accommodate large groups.

Villarin, who lives in Irvine, is known for his quirky designs, which often involve incorporating large elements into the exterior design of a house.

“A lot of people who work in architecture think it’s a simple job, but I think that is a mistake,” Villars said.

While Villar has built many buildings around the world, his villa project has attracted international attention.

“It’s a really unique concept,” said Chris Tilly, a senior fellow with the Center for Contemporary Architecture at UC Santa Barbara.

“The architecture is a blend between contemporary, traditional and modern.

And that’s what I love about Jonathan is that he’s so imaginative.

He really likes to incorporate the outside world into his design.

It’s very much a visual art project.”

Villar is the founder and president of Villar Associates, and he’s been a member of the group since its inception.

“My goal is to make people feel comfortable in their own home,” Villart said.

And Villar says he wants to provide the best possible experiences for guests, including art and music.

“Jon is very good at creating a vision for his home,

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