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Which of the four Pancho Villa villas are worth more?

Which of the four Pancho Villa villas are worth more?

The most expensive and the most coveted of the Panchos are the two in Panchoa, Hawaii.

These two villas on a 1,500-square-foot lot at the Pancake Marketplace, the main strip in downtown Honolulu, cost about $1.7 million.

The Panchocas were built in the late 1950s, in response to a shortage of homes for the elderly in the area.

One of the villas has an open-air dining area, and the other has a separate outdoor pool with two waterfalls.

Both are on a short drive, and each has its own pool and a separate beach with a waterfall.

It’s not hard to see why these two are so popular.

They both look beautiful, and are situated in the center of the city, a few blocks from the Pucahumoku Aquatic Park.

Panchopulco, another popular villa, is a few steps away.

Both of these properties are located on a strip of land owned by the Puyallup City Council, which owns the Pansa, Panchopa, Pohakuloa and Puyalua Islands.

Both Panchops are on private land, but Panchotecos are not allowed to build on the island, so they have to find a partner who will.

In addition to being a great value, both are in the best shape in their neighborhoods.

The most recent property to sell was a Panchoea that sold for $2.5 million in August.

Other popular properties that sold in recent months include: 1.

Pueblo at Palomar Village, Pahoa, CA, sold for about $2 million in June 2.

Pahoe, Palomars, CA sold for nearly $2,000,000 in June

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