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How to get a passport from the US without an visa – the best advice

How to get a passport from the US without an visa – the best advice

The best advice for Americans wishing to travel to the United States is to obtain a US passport, according to the US Consulate in Miami.

Stjoseph Villas, an immigration lawyer, said the US Embassy in Miami was aware of the visa issue and had issued an advisory for Americans wanting to travel.

“The embassy has issued an additional alert advising citizens to use the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and apply for a US visa as soon as possible,” he said.

He said people were advised to take advantage of the extra time available for applying for a visa, as the embassy has already granted visas for some of those arriving from countries including Colombia and Peru.

VWP is a visa program that allows people to travel abroad for 90 days without the need to present a passport, although it is not the same as a visa.

The visa waiver program has been a popular option for people who are unable to travel in a timely fashion.

Last month, US President Donald Trump announced a five-day extension of the program for anyone coming from a country with a visa waiver that is no longer valid or not on the US Department of State list of countries in which to apply.

Mr Villas said the Embassy in South Florida was aware that some of the people coming from the countries in question had already been issued a visa but it did not appear that anyone had been issued the extra visa.

“It is highly recommended that citizens of the countries concerned apply for an extra visa before they leave for their trip.”

The consular officer will advise them about their options, but we do not expect anyone to be left stranded,” he added.

President Trump, who recently announced his intention to cut off all US immigration to certain countries, has made the country a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, including those from Central America and Africa.

Mr Villos said he was aware people in his own family who had previously come to the USA had been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for crossing the border illegally.”

If there are people in the family who are undocumented, they should be given the opportunity to apply for legal residency,” he explained.

Immigration experts have warned that the administration is under pressure to make it harder for people to get visas, as it attempts to reduce the number of immigrants coming to the country.

However, Mr Villas urged Americans to be patient and be careful about what they are applying for.”

You need to be really vigilant about what you are doing, it may take longer for you to get your visa,” he advised.

A visa is valid for 90 calendar days, meaning people could apply for it again in a matter of weeks.


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