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Villa Riviera Beach to close in March due to low water levels

Villa Riviera Beach to close in March due to low water levels


— The resort town of Villa Riviere Beach will close in April due to water levels at its water tower that have dropped to their lowest point since at least February, the town’s mayor said Monday.

The water tower, which has been used to provide drinking water to about 1.5 million residents, was lowered to its lowest point in more than 20 years in February due to the high water in the Rio Grande River.

Richey Mayor David McElroy said the water tower will be removed in April to allow for more water in a bid to maintain a steady water supply.

In February, water levels in the watertower were down to the point where it would take an airplane to get to Villa Rivierias hotel room, said Mayor McElrry.

That has not happened in the last 20 years, he said.

This is the first time in the town history that the water has dropped below the minimum requirement of 1.7 feet.

We are not going to let that happen again, McElry said.

The water towers water is pumped from the river and it is used to irrigate crops.

It is the largest water source in the county, he added.

While the town is still trying to find a way to keep the water supply from dropping further, the mayor said the town would reopen as usual this month.

We will do everything we can to reopen as normal, he warned.

For the last two weeks, water towers have been filled to the brim, with more than 200 trucks delivering water to Villa Riqueres hotels.

But in the days since the water levels dropped, the number of trucks has dropped to around 40, according to the mayor.

Residents are already feeling the impact, he acknowledged.

“There’s a lot of concern out there.

The people that live in the area and those who live in nearby towns are having to deal with the same problem,” McElroys said.

“They are getting hit with the exact same issues.

We need to make sure that this situation doesn’t happen again.

It’s just a matter of getting the water level up back to normal and the city of Villa Riquiere back to where it was when it was here.”

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