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How to make a living as a nomad in the Sahara desert

How to make a living as a nomad in the Sahara desert

The Sahara is the hottest place in the world and the only place in Africa where the climate is completely dry, according to climate scientists.

The desert has long been home to nomads, a nomadic group of nomadic people who live in villages, sometimes with a small herd of goats or camels.

The Sahara has always been a difficult place to get to, with temperatures ranging from 30C to 35C, making it a desert without rivers.

But the desert’s low temperatures are slowly starting to change, as a warmer, drier climate in the Middle East and North Africa has made the Sahara a much more hospitable place to live.

As the climate changes, so does the nomad lifestyle, says Tom Kowalczyk, a climate researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“The climate changes the environment, so you get these changes,” he says.

The nomads live in a semi-arid, low-lying environment.

They live in tents and can sleep in their camels or goats, with the roof off and a roof above.

But it is also a dangerous environment.

There are no roads in the desert, so nomads have to use makeshift bridges to get across.

And they must carry all their belongings on their backs and shoulders, or risk getting caught.

So, while nomads can still find work in construction, many nomads don’t have much hope for the future.

Many nomads leave their nomadic lives behind to settle down and start families.

Many of them are now living in camps, but they still have a lot of people to care for, including their families.

The camps are built by locals who have to be paid a minimum wage.

“It is a very difficult place for people to go,” Kowelczyk says.

“The only way you can find work is if you are a nomadan and can make enough money.”

He explains that there are currently around 100 camps in the area, with nomads from around the world coming to work.

He says that a lot more people are looking for work than ever before, with people wanting to migrate to the cities.

“There is a lot going on in the market.

Many people have already moved away from the desert. “

People are leaving for better jobs,” he adds.

Many people have already moved away from the desert.

“I was in one camp for three months,” says one of the women, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals.

“Some of my friends are going to work in the cities,” she adds.

“Many of them have children.”

The women are still staying in the camp, which has been in the village for some time, but have no plans to leave.

They are hoping that the change in climate will bring them back, although Kowlczyk believes that the changing climate will take a long time to change the people’s behaviour.

“As the climate warms, people are more cautious,” he said.

“In a way, they are more relaxed.”

Kowczyk predicts that the population will be smaller and the number of nomads will continue to grow.

But he cautions that there is no guarantee that the people will return to the desert and the people there will stay.

“When we look back in 20 years, the desert will look like it is still the same,” he predicts.

“A desert is like a big island.

There will always be people there, but the size of the island is not what matters.”

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