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Why the Villanueva Italian Kitchen has made a splash at the 2016 Milan Fashion Week

Why the Villanueva Italian Kitchen has made a splash at the 2016 Milan Fashion Week

By Dominic Sandler The Villanuelo Italian Kitchen is on fire.

The new-ish Italian eatery is one of the first new restaurants to open in Milan, and it’s just one of a number of places opening in Milan this season.

The restaurant opened on the second floor of the Rialto delle Mondo shopping mall last Thursday.

The space has an elegant layout and features a large bar.

We’re here to see the food and the space.

Inside, you’ll find a large Italian-inspired kitchen with a rustic flair.

The decor and design is inspired by Italian-style dining, which has a strong influence on Milanese cuisine.

There’s an Italian flair to the menu and drinks that will definitely set you back a few dollars.

The cocktails are the most impressive of the lot, but they’re a bit pricey.

And don’t expect the chef’s signature dish to be the one everyone’s looking for, but something a little more simple like an eggplant parmesan or a tomato soup.

The menu also has a few interesting twists on classic Italian dishes, like a mushroom bisque or a quiche with grilled vegetables.

We’ll be eating a lot of these things during the season.

One of the biggest draws of the new restaurant is the staff, who have been on a mission to get people to want to eat in Milan.

They have the best job in town and they’re getting a lot better at it.

The waitstaff are friendly and helpful.

They’ve also put together a very entertaining menu of dishes and cocktails.

The staff at the restaurant are very professional.

It’s really great to have a staff who are doing the job right.

They are really well trained, they’re really focused, and they are really helpful.

It makes you feel like a regular.

This is one part of the staff that’s really good.

You’re in a room with 10 people.

And that’s a very, very small room.

It feels like you’re in one of those old movies.

It has a large space and it feels like this is a big restaurant, but it’s really not.

It just feels like a small, old movie theater.

The chefs at the Villans have really been putting in the time and effort to get to this level.

It is a little bit intimidating, but there’s no other way to say it.

I love the idea of getting a little extra in the kitchen, and then just having a really good time.

And the people are so friendly, they don’t have any problems with anyone.

I’m so lucky to be in this position.

I’ve worked at other places and there’s not really anything that really inspires you.

You just work your way up.

The dining room is a bit more intimate, but this is also a restaurant that you’ll be staying in for a long time, and you can have a really relaxing meal, too.

I love the ambiance of the restaurant, too, because you have a bar and it looks like you could just go to a club or a bar, or a dance club.

The staff are always very friendly and very nice.

We were sitting in a little corner booth with the bar and the menu.

It was pretty quiet.

The tables were all filled.

I didn’t see a single waiter or waitress.

And there was a small counter and I could just grab a few drinks.

I was just trying to get a drink, but my friend was sitting next to me, so we were chatting, and we just started talking about the restaurant.

And we were just talking about food.

It felt like we were in a normal restaurant.

It really was just like a normal dining room.

There was a lot going on in the dining room, but I was able to watch the menu unfold from the table.

I could see how much they were going to charge for their food and drinks.

They were all over the place.

The food was amazing, the drinks were incredible.

But the service was pretty good, too — and I’m a big fan of good service.

It’s a nice change of pace for the restaurant to be opening on the Rialsdelle Monde.

The shopping center is a nice place to open, and the restaurant has a nice feel to it.

It definitely makes it a little nicer to be sitting in this restaurant, so it was a good fit for me.

I like the way the food is presented, too; the atmosphere is really relaxed.

It was a really nice experience for me to be able to come and go and hang out with some friends and hang with my family, and I had a really great time.

The atmosphere is great, and that’s what makes it great.

I really like it.

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