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How to make a pizza from scratch in your local village

How to make a pizza from scratch in your local village

An Italian village is taking a new approach to pizza, with its own version of the dish.

It’s called la villas pizzeria, and it’s about as far from the mainstream pizza restaurant concept as you can get.

This is the first time the idea has been attempted in the US.

The villas pizza restaurant is called La Bambino in a town in Sicily’s Marche region, and is one of several such eateries in the region, said Marco Venezia, the town’s chief of police.

Venezianas son was born in the villas restaurant and his father is a chef, but they have never been involved in the business, he told Al Jazeera.

The restaurant is one-stop shop for local and foreign pizza lovers.

It offers pizza and pasta with a wide variety of toppings, with toppings such as cheese and sausage.

The pasta is made from scratch, and the crust is made with fresh dough.

This allows the pizzas to be served on a roll, not just a pizza base, and not only with the pizza, but also with the toppings and sauce, Venezians son said.

The local market is a huge source of revenue for the town, which has just under 10,000 inhabitants.

Many of them have lived in the village for generations, he said.

A villas Pizza shop in La Bamba, Sicily.

In the 1960s, the village was the main breadbasket of the Italian countryside, supplying flour and other goods to nearby towns and villages.

But in recent decades, its main source of income has been its pizza, said Venezias son.

In 2007, the owner of the pizza shop, a local woman, told Al-Jazeera that she was unable to afford to open a business.

She was living in exile in Rome and couldn’t get a loan from her Italian employer, who wanted to keep her as a housewife.

After years of struggling, she finally found a business to open in a nearby village.

“She was able to pay off her debts and get back into business,” Venezias son said, and he and his family were able to open La Bama Pizza in 2008.

The family started out by offering pizza and spaghetti to local residents, but the business grew.

Now, the pizzeria offers a wide range of items including pizzas, salads and pastas, and serves up a wide selection of sauces and toppings.

The pizzas are made with dough from local, artisanal flour mills.

The sauce is made by a small family of Italian craftsmen.

It is made of milk and milk products from nearby villages, Vizzias son explained.

The pizza is served on rolls, but you can also order it on a plain bread.

The base of the pizza is a cheese-and-sausage base.

“This pizza is made very simple, with just a few ingredients,” Vizzias father said.

He added that the sauce is only about 15 percent water, and there is no cheese or sausage in the pizza.

The main reason people are drawn to the pizzerias is because it is inexpensive, Vizia said.

“People have the ability to make it for less money than a regular pizza,” he said, adding that the cost of the sauce can be around 60 euros ($80).

“But they don’t have to spend that much money.”

The villa also offers a variety of services, such as providing free haircuts to local children.

Vizzia said that the local government has supported the business financially.

He said that they were working on opening a second restaurant in the town.

But for now, Vigieris son and his brother-in-law are making their own pizzas.

They hope to open another pizza shop in the next few years.

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