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Sherry Vill dies at 70

Sherry vill, a former chief surgeon at the University of Adelaide, died Monday night at the age of 70.

Vill said he was ill for about three months before he passed away.

“I was having a really bad case of pneumonia.

I didn’t know what was going on,” Vill said.”

When I got sick, I got really weak.

It was around two or three in the morning when I had a very bad heart attack.”

That’s when I just couldn’t breathe and just passed away.

“Vill had a long career as a surgeon at Adelaide hospitals.

He also spent some time in the military, as a member of the Royal Australian Navy.

He worked at the Adelaide Hospital and spent a number of years as the chief surgeon for the Adelaide General Hospital, and was also the chief surgical officer at the West Australian Hospital in Adelaide.

The Adelaide Medical Association was saddened by the loss of a respected member of its membership.”

It was a huge loss for the SA Medical Association and its members and the community,” association president David Gifford said.

Mr Giffords said it was a difficult day for the association and the medical community at large.”

This is a very difficult time for us and for all of us in the medical profession,” he said.

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