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Why you need to take a cruise to Malawi

Why you need to take a cruise to Malawi

A year after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the country, many Malawians still don’t have access to clean drinking water, a reliable power supply, or reliable sanitation.

But now, that’s all changing.

A cruise ship company is offering passengers the chance to visit Malawi, which has been left largely uninhabited since the disaster.

The cruise ship, Malawi Voyages, was launched on September 8 and will depart from the port of Kwajalein, in South Kivu province, on November 13.

The ship will be sailing under the flag of the Caribbean Cruise Line, which is also operating a cruise ship to the country.

The cruise is scheduled to depart from Port Louis, Malawian capital, on December 7 and will reach the island of Togo on December 17.

The voyage will include stops in Malawi’s capital, Port Louis.

The vessel will also include stops at several ports, including the city of Port Louis and Port Kebangco in the province of Banten, which borders Tanzania.

Malawi is one of the countries that has the most potential to be affected by the tsunami and earthquake, as the country has been heavily dependent on imports from neighboring countries.

The tourism industry in Malawia has been hit hard by the disaster and it has been a major contributor to the economy, according to Malawistoday.com.

While the cruise ship will include a stop in Port Kecwala, a port located in the southern province of Kalahari, and the cities of Mpumalanga and Kibale, it will also take passengers to some of the more remote locations in the country where there are still many survivors.

The trip is set to depart on December 11.

Malawi Voyage says it hopes to raise awareness of the region’s plight and help with the relief efforts.

“We’re bringing tourists to the islands to experience for themselves the devastation wrought by the earthquake and to provide the local people with some peace of mind,” the company said in a press release.

“We hope this journey will be a reminder to others that Malawi remains one of Africa’s poorest countries and that the world will take care of them as they continue to recover.”

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