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How do you keep an eye on a house with so many people? The best way to know what’s going on inside the villa

How do you keep an eye on a house with so many people? The best way to know what’s going on inside the villa

How do we keep an eyes on a property in which so many guests have spent so much time?

It can be a challenge keeping an eye out for the people, the furniture, the decorations, the rubbish, the cars, the bins, the security cameras, the CCTV, the signs and the signsposting that tells you if the villas owner is a bit of a hanger-on.

For the past week, our resident editor, Laura Elena Villas, has been trying to keep an open mind as the house she is staying in in the Dominican Republic has been the subject of a series of strange and disturbing incidents.

Laura and her husband, Mauricio, moved to the villae in March 2015, but were quickly taken aback by what they found.

The place was packed with tourists, many of them paying as little as $20 a day to visit, but most of the visitors were mostly men.

They were all there for the party.

The first thing Laura noticed was that there were three toilets on the ground floor of the villam, all with plastic handles, and one was used for a small shower.

There were also no washrooms.

As she walked around the villaum, she noticed some men were drinking coffee, taking showers, and sleeping in the communal bath.

And on the terrace, she saw a woman sitting on a couch and smoking a cigarette.

She was in her late 20s, had long blonde hair, wore a loose shirt, and was wearing a large black hoodie.

She looked as if she was having a drink with some of the other guests.

Laura says she wasn’t surprised.

She had been told in the past by the house’s owner that these people were not allowed to be around people.

The owner, Maria de Guzman, is a notorious man-hater and a former boss of the country’s ruling party, the DDS, which is currently in power.

He is also an alcoholic.

But Laura had noticed something different: There were no signs of violence, drugs or violence in the villames backyard.

Maria is also a woman and a drug user.

But when Laura visited, Maria told her she was not allowed inside the house, that she was only allowed in if she paid $30 to go to the bathroom.

Laura had paid $120 for the house to stay at, and it was her money that had gone to pay for the room.

She wanted to see if Maria had any other problems with the house.

After several days of driving around and calling Maria and asking if she had any problems, Laura and Maria agreed to meet.

It turned out that there was no problem.

It was a normal day in the town of Marabato, about 20 kilometres north of the capital.

A young couple, who are friends of Laura’s husband, were walking their dog along the beach when they noticed the strange signs around the property.

They parked their car in front of a house that they saw was decorated with a black and white flag, a white flag in a white circle, and a blue flag on top of a red circle.

It looked like a football pitch, but it was actually a large villa with a lot of furniture and a large garden.

They had come to visit a friend in the village, who lives in another villa in the same street.

The house has been vacant for more than a year.

Laura, Maurio and their friends were surprised when they arrived at the villacamp, which was a small house with only one door, but there were people there.

They noticed that the doors were open and the windows were covered with stickers with messages like ‘Do not come here.’

They also noticed that there is a whiteboard in the living room, with a picture of a young man and a red dot with an arrow pointing to it.

It reads: ‘Do Not Come here.

Please Do Not Come.’

The people who live here are known to be a few different people.

Maria told Laura that one of them had once worked for a private security company, and the other had recently returned from prison.

The last person who lived in the house was the owner of the company, who was also known as the ‘Prince of Death’.

Laura said she didn’t think the house belonged to anyone, but the signs suggested otherwise.

‘We were surprised and angry at first, because we were supposed to be here for the festivities,’ Laura told Al Jazeera.

But the owner told her that the villages owner was the one who was responsible for all the problems.

She said she did not know who the owners father was, but that he had been a member of the DDP since the 1990s.

She told Laura about a recent police investigation into the house that had occurred in the summer of 2017, but no one had been arrested yet.

Laura said that

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