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‘What if you could live forever?’

‘What if you could live forever?’

A new study by Stanford University researchers has found that if you’re a human being, you may have the potential to live forever.

The findings are based on a theory that explains why some people can live for many lifetimes.

The study found that people who have had a baby, or are near the end of their reproductive years, may have a longer lifespan than those who don’t.

It also found that, if you have a baby with a genetic mutation, you can expect to live much longer than people without the mutation.

But, the study found, if the mutation is found after death, then the life expectancy for people who had it was reduced.

The researchers were able to pinpoint the mutation in people because they were able not only to look at genetic data but also to look for other mutations, including those that had been found in DNA from people who were not related to the mutation, which is rare.

These studies are the first to identify and identify genes that have a long-term impact on longevity.

The Stanford researchers found that the mutations that cause aging and disease are also involved in other physiological processes.

The studies found that some people are born with certain genes that are involved in different types of cell functions, including metabolism, energy production and signaling, and that these genes are important for a person’s ability to function.

These genes also have a large impact on how well people survive.

And, as the Stanford researchers wrote in their study, they found that this type of “transcriptional regulation” was a strong predictor of lifespan.

“The ability to change one gene to increase or decrease the lifespan of one gene may be a form of immortality,” said study researcher Daniel L. Wolk, a professor of medical sciences at Stanford.

The genetic mutation causes this genetic regulation that is crucial for a large range of physiological functions, such as cell metabolism, said Wolk.

“This is why a lot of people with cancer have an older cancer, because they have an extra gene that is involved in cell metabolism.”

“When we see these effects in cancer patients, we know they have a genetic variant that makes them more vulnerable to cancer, and so the patients are able to make more of this extra gene,” said Wollman.

The new research was published online on Thursday, May 7, in the journal Nature.

The finding that this gene plays a role in longevity was not immediately clear.

But Wolk said he had some ideas for how to use the finding to find out what would happen if scientists could reverse the mutation and make it harmless.

“We’re trying to identify ways to modify this gene to reduce this genetic variation in order to make it more normal,” Wolk told the Associated Press.

“In the long run, I hope we can reverse the gene and make people live longer.”

Wolk is working with a small group of geneticists and biologists to work on the discovery.

The research was supported by the National Institutes of Health and the American Diabetes Association.

A similar study in mice showed that the gene that caused aging, called telomerase, is the same gene that causes aging in people, but it also increased the lifespan in some of the mice.

But researchers said that they did not have any evidence that this would happen in humans.

Wollmann and Wolk believe that, as more and more research is done on longevity, it is possible that the same genes could be used to reduce longevity.

They said that if scientists can identify ways that the telomerases are being turned on and off in cells and that the DNA of cells in the body is being modified, then they could reverse some of these genes.

“That would be one possible avenue to try to reverse the aging gene,” Wollmans said.

“And if that’s possible, then we could extend the lifespan even more in humans.”

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