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Anushka Sharma’s summer villa on the beach

The star of Anushko’s latest movie, the romantic comedy Love in a Bag, Anushkas wedding is about to begin in the capital.

Anushkash was at the airport in Delhi on Friday to pick up her two daughters from their parents home.

“It was a great day,” said the actress.

“The girls are excited to go to the beach.”

Anushke, a native of Bihar, was married on June 16, 2014.

“I feel very happy, as the day is not over yet,” she said.

Anushka, who plays the role of a widowed mother-in-law, was asked to play the part by the producer who worked with her in her previous films.

In the film, Anushekka is a divorced mother-of-two.

“He has a very clear idea of the roles of the two wives in the film,” she told NDTV.

“In the beginning, it was difficult because they were not ready to play their roles.

I was in a very difficult situation and I was not confident in the way I played Anushks.

But, once I was confident in my role, I was really happy,” she added.

When Anush was asked what she wanted to do next, she said she wanted her next film to be a family drama.

Her family was very supportive and the film will be a continuation of the family drama from her childhood.

Anusha, who was in the first film, said she was looking forward to it.

I am really looking forward, but also very sad.

While she was busy working on her film, she also filmed for the first time with Anushkar as a young actress.”

My first film was very good and I am not the type to do anything with myself.”

While she was busy working on her film, she also filmed for the first time with Anushkar as a young actress.

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