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How to get to the Ville Platte in the Atlantic Ocean

How to get to the Ville Platte in the Atlantic Ocean

Ville plattes are small islands in the ocean off the coast of France, off the southern tip of the French island of La Réunion.

Here are the best ways to get there.


Go to the island of Le Plancheau or Léonard.

The Ville is a little less than 3 miles from the island.


Go for the Vichy Canal, which runs along the southern end of the island, to get a ferry to the French-Italian border.


Head north on the Canal, a 3.5-mile stretch of beachfront land that is open to the sea.


Go north on this beach and then follow the canal for three miles, then you will come to a pier that has a beachfront cottage.


Continue along the canal, through a little forest and then take a left.


You will be at a large house that has some gardens on the front lawn.


Head back along the Canal and you will see a boat dock and a little island.


Head up the canal and look for a boat and a pier.


Take the boat to the boat dock.


Once you are inside the boat, the cottage is a bit to the left of the pier.


Head toward the boat and park at the pier, on the left side.


Head down the canal to the right side and you’ll find a small island with a lighthouse.


Take a left on the path and then go straight ahead for another 3.1 miles.


Go through a small forest to the shoreline and then you’ll come to an island.


Head through the forest and look down the beach.


Head straight for the lighthouse.


Follow the lighthouse for three more miles, up the beach, to a small beach.


Head out onto the beach and you should see a small boat sitting in a lagoon.


Go back into the lagoon and look up.

The boat should be on the beach with its lighthouse out of sight.


Look up and you can see the lighthouse is visible on the horizon.


Head on the lighthouse and look back.

You should see the boat sailing by. 22.

Head around the bend and you’re in a little lagoon, which is a small area of sand and rocks.


Head into the beach to see the beach from the boat.


Head off to the north side of the lag, then look back and you may be on a small pier.


Head west on the island and you are in the heart of La Porte.


Head past the town center and head down the street.


Continue on the main street and you have a small fishing pier.


You’ll see a sign for the fishing lodge.


Go up the street and head right and you just need to head out onto a small bridge.


You can head right on the bridge and turn left on a dirt road that leads to a house.


Go into the house and open the door.

This is the home of the fishermen.


Go down the stairs and take the elevator down.

You are now on the ground floor.


Go over to the front door and the front desk.


Go upstairs and look at the fireplace.


Go outside the front entrance and head to the street to find a sign.

Go inside and follow the path up the hill.


Follow this path to a bridge that you can cross.

You’re now on a little beach, with the lighthouse out the window.


Head east on the sand and then head to your right and take a right.

You may see a lighthouse there.


Head south and then turn right and follow this path all the way to the end.


Head right onto the road and go all the rest of the way.


Go across the road to a little house and follow its back entrance.


Head inside and look to your left.

You now have a view of the lighthouse from the house.


Head upstairs and open up the fireplace to see your boat in the water.


Go downstairs and take out your phone.

Go and get your phone and you won’t have to wait for the boat until you see it in the harbor.


Head downstairs and open your door.


Go on to the beach again and head back.

The path to the lighthouse will lead you down a small path and back into town.


Head outside the house to find another house with a little boat.


Go in the house again and open and close the door, you should now be in a boat waiting to be picked up. 48.

Go out onto this beach to the south.

Follow it to the pier and then to the road. 49.

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