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Why you should visit the tropical coral reef off Aruba

Why you should visit the tropical coral reef off Aruba

Villas are a beautiful, unique sight to explore off the coast of Aruba.

But a rare, beautiful, and very beautiful animal called a coral villa is now the focus of a major conservation project.

The Villas and Aquarium at Aruba is one of the few in the world that offers an aquarium that features coral living.

It was founded in 2012 by a group of local marine biologists, who wanted to make a home for corals.

They hoped to preserve them for future generations, and they hope to create a unique and exciting environment for people to visit.

“This is a beautiful ecosystem, the only place that they can live,” Dr Mark Moulton, the lead conservator, said.

“The aquarium will be a perfect location for people who are interested in seeing corals, or for people wanting to see them for themselves.”

We will be showing the amazing diversity of corals in the aquarium.

We will have a reef full of marine life, and also a very diverse species of fish that we hope people will come to see.

“The first villa opened in May 2019, and it is now one of Arba’s most popular attractions.

The Aquarium will also be open year round, allowing visitors to experience corals on their own.

He said the first villas were designed to be the home of endangered corals and other invertebrates. “

It’s something that’s not seen anywhere else in the country, and for the first time it’s going to be open for the public,” Dr Moulson said.

He said the first villas were designed to be the home of endangered corals and other invertebrates.

The reef’s unique ecology means it is one that is in danger of disappearing, he said.

One of the first fish to arrive at the aquarium, the common coralline, was a species that was found in the Aruba River and was then moved to the Villas.

The common corail is one the species of corallines that have never been seen anywhere in the South Pacific.

“We hope that we can have some of those species in the Aquarium, and hopefully help restore some of that,” Dr Pimentel said.

The aquarium will also feature a range of species of marine invertebrate.

A small number of fish and rays are already in the tank, and the Aquaria will also have an aquarium of sea turtles, sea lions and dolphins.

The idea behind the Aquarians idea is to use the Aquatic Heritage Fund, which has been established in the 1970s to conserve marine life in the area, to raise awareness of the importance of the reefs ecosystem.

Dr Moultton said he hopes the aquarium will provide a space for people, and that they will be able to come visit it regularly to see and experience what it is like to live in a coral home.

“I hope that the public can come and experience this amazing, unique habitat,” he said, adding that the Aquarian Heritage Fund is committed to keeping this project sustainable.

“Hopefully the aquarium can continue to be here for generations to come, and we can all come together and learn something from this amazing and unique habitat.”

The Aquarians aquarium is currently on display in the Marine Museum of Arwaia, and visitors can also learn about coral reef life.

It has been donated by the Government of Arun.

A museum tour is also available.

The fish and coral aquarium will open its doors to visitors at the end of October.

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