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How to be a good footballer and avoid injuries

How to be a good footballer and avoid injuries

It is difficult to imagine that the likes of the Bayern Munich and Barcelona strikers of today would have had their careers interrupted by serious injury issues.

But it was the same with those who struggled with their careers at such a young age.

Former England international Sergio Aguero was the poster boy for the effects of early-career injuries, after breaking his leg during a match in the 2005 World Cup.

As a child, he was known as the ‘Mooch’ for his love of fast cars, and for his penchant for fast food.

He was nicknamed ‘The Mooch for his fast-food habits and his willingness to eat for free.’

He was a good player and, like many of his peers, suffered injuries at a young level.

But his footballing career was cut short by the same injury that ruined so many other young footballers.

He fractured his knee in his final match for the club, in a 1-1 draw with Arsenal.

His recovery from that injury took three years, and he only made his debut in the Premier League in 2007.

Aguero, now aged 37, is still a star, but he is not one who can escape the damage of his injury.

His career ended in injury again, in the same way that it ended with Suarez.

But, while Suarez’s career was a bit of a disaster, Aguero’s was even more so.

When he was a teenager, Agueros knee was broken, and doctors decided that it would be best if he could return to playing at a later stage.

He could, of course, have been a great player, but the injuries he suffered made him a much smaller, slower and less agile player.

A quick scan of the player reveals that he has a fairly big hole in his knee, which is why he is still only 27 years old.

He will need to get a bit stronger to compensate for the injury, and the club are already monitoring his progress to see if he can recover.

And, while there may not be many more injury-prone players in the England squad, they will be a tough task for Barcelona, who could be in danger of losing Aguero.

He has a big chip on his shoulder for the future, but even he will have to get stronger to get back to full fitness.

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