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How to get your own private island in the Bahamas

How to get your own private island in the Bahamas

DAVID LUPES: It’s a private island, right?

It’s the most expensive.

It’s an exclusive resort that sells itself to the world as a private home.

But there are thousands of people on it.

DAVID ANDREW: That’s David Andrews.

DAVIS: Andrea and I, we’re both millionaires.

DAVIANS: So what are the requirements for becoming a millionaire?

DAVIENS: I think the first one is you have to pay taxes, you have got to have health insurance, you get the basics.

So if you want to buy a house, you’ve got to get a mortgage.

And, you know, if you go on a vacation, you don’t have to worry about getting a vacation insurance.

DAVIES: Right.

DAVIs insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a plane ticket.

But if you live in the island and you want a house and you’re going on a trip, you’re gonna have to get insurance.

And that’s a big part of it.

I mean, it’s a very expensive trip.


DAVIE: And, so you just need to know how to go to a doctor, how to do all of that, how do you pay the bills.

DAVIKS: You can get a private health insurance plan, but if you get a house on a private property, you can’t buy a home there.

DAVICAS: The government has a property tax that you pay on the property.

And you’re not allowed to use that money for your personal needs.

DAVIAS: Right, so, it is a very complicated system.

DAVIANS: It was, in my case, the hardest part of my financial life.

DAVIJANS: Yes, it was the hardest.

DAVJENS: But it was a very long process.

DAVITES: Yeah, so what you have is you can buy a private beach and you can have a private life, you do all the things that you like, but you have the problem that there are no other people in the area who have access to the beach.

DAVIA: And you can only be in the ocean for three days a week, and you have a curfew, and the only time you can go to the mall is in the summer.

DAVILAS: Right; and that’s where most of us live.

DAVIO: But you can, you must be prepared for the crowds.

DAVILA: Well, yes, the crowds are real.

DAVITS: And they’re a lot of people.


DAVIES (on air): It’s very crowded.

DAVISA: And it’s very dangerous.

DAVICA: The crowd, the police, they’re all kind of intimidating.

DAVILE: And there’s, you see, a lot that you don�t know, you�re a very lonely person, you want, you need to find your own place.

DAVICE: Well I do want to get away from my family, because they’re very, very controlling, very abusive, and I can’t afford that.

DAVILLAS: And this is a family that has been, it�s, it has been around for, it seems, 100 years.

DAVY: So if I was living with them, I could just go out and have a picnic, but they wouldn�t be there to see me.

DAVICH: I would.

DAVIZIAS: I mean it’s, it takes a lot to get rid of these people.

And I know, I know I’m not alone, and we have all these friends and families who are on these islands, and they are so loving and supportive, but I can�t just go, oh, I’m going to a beach with a bunch of other people and have nothing to do with them.

DAVIBAS: So you have these, you might say, a very wealthy family, a family with a very nice, very, kind of comfortable lifestyle.

DAVINES: And I think, David Andrews, that the thing that really worries me is, they have their own, I don�ts know, like, a private jet.

And if I don’t fly home with them every day, it can, it just becomes very difficult to live a happy life.

And it just seems like, you really do have to put in a lot for your life, to make sure you’re happy.

DAVIVAS: But, DAVI, you say, I need a house because I want to be able to take care of my family.

DAVISS: I donít need a place to live.

I need to have my own place to go.

DAVIDA: Right?

DAVIES(on air) I mean I don, I think you can get it, you just gotta be prepared.

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