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What is the meaning of the word “cunt”? A video posted by CTV News in Canada, March 6, 2020. What is “cunty”? A term that means “little cunt” in the US, Canada, and Australia. A video posted on Twitter by @MajaTakanagi shows an animated video of a girl who appears to be the subject of a series of videos that are all about how “cunts” are treated in Canada. The clip begins with the narrator, a young woman, asking if she should get a haircut. She says, “It would be so fucking cute if I could be a fucking cunt, because it’s so fucking funny.” The narrator continues to tell the girl that, “You know what they say, it’s like a cunt, it is. A little cunt.”The narrator then turns to a man, and says, “You are so fucking sweet.” The man replies, “Cunt, that’s what they call me, cunt.” The girl says, “[laughs] It’s a fucking cute word. It’s cute. And they use it a lot.”A similar clip appears in the video below. In the video, a man says, “You know who’s a cunt?” The narrator responds, “Yeah, who I call a cunt.” A man also responds,  “Yeah, you’re a cunt. What is the word cunt?  A term that is used to describe a person that is not fully human.A video on Twitter showed a woman asking a man why he calls a woman a cunt in English, and why he thinks it’s a good word to use. The woman replies, “, you know what, I’m not a cunt!” The man replies by saying, “What you’re not is a cunt,” and then adding, “And a cunt is what I call you.” The video ends with the caption, “She’s a bitch, and she’s a cunts. And a cunt isn’t a cunt at all.” An

in the Guardian describes the word as “the term that has taken on a new meaning in the digital age.”The term “council slut” has also been used to refer to a woman who is not in charge of her own sexual needs. More recently, a video on

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