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As an Air cargo shipping service provider, we provide our service all over the globe with a professional approach and top-notch tracking technology. With years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge of the fright market, and hence we offer different services at affordable rates. While picking any shipping, we make sure one’s budget, time limit, and preferred destination.
With our knowledge of routing strategies and pricing, our staff makes sure that your cargo reaches the destination in a given time. And with our experience today, we are here with some information related to air freight rates and its importance.

The Importance of Air Cargo Shipping Companies in Dubai

Air Cargo Shipping Rates in Dubai - Air Shipping Company

See timely delivery is your primary concern, then air freight is your ideal method for shipping. Why am I saying so? It is the fastest and safest way to shipping goods in a short time. Apart from this, here are some other benefits.

  • Fastest Shipping

Airfreight is the fastest shipping method, and it is much quicker than sea freight. It is for those who need time concern delivery.

  • Global Coverage benefit

The sky is limit but not for the cargo as air freight can take your shipment to almost all countries in the world. No barrier around the global and well connected through a different region of the world.

  • Highly Reliable Service

Commercial flights follow their schedule strictly, and hence reliability is not an issue. It offers timely delivery of cargo from the UAE to a different destination in the world. The supply chain is monitored and managed carefully. Ultimately it provides the highest reliability in all types of freight shipping.

  • Safe and Secure

The safety, as well as the security level, is again highest. The security is managed and controlled by airport staff, which reduces the risk to a minimum.

  • Limited Warehousing Requirement

Air shipping offers fast transit times, and hence it minimizes the warehousing requirement. It does not need the shipping items to be stored for a long time, and therefore it is another advantage for the customers in terms of cost.

The Complete Procedure of Air Cargo Shipping Companies

1 – Shipping

Three major steps follow the shipping process.

Assembling the Shipment:

It includes goods collection, packing material preparations, and packing.

Making Read for Transport (RFT):

It includes the checking of the packing of your goods and labeling, security, and other document preparation.

Ordering Transport:

After the second step, the package arrived, and it sent to the forward fright warehouse. The package left at storage for the pickup.

2 – Forwarding Out

When the goods exported, the below steps are applied during transportation:

  • Goods are picked up according to the order received and given proof of acceptance
  • Checking of incoming products and bifurcate according to the flight dates
  • Monitoring of the labeling errors and re-label and make security declaration
  • Preparation of all relevant documents and clear the customs Combination of all goods as per the regulations and preparation of Air Waybill
  • Arrange transport and inform it to the receiving

3 – Air Transport

For transportation, many vital steps are there which are listed below:

  • Preparation and planning of the handling and storage of shipment as per bookings
  • Incoming and administration checking
  • Sorting of documents and goods
  • Outgoing and administration checking’s
  • Preparation of Unit Load Devices as per instructions
  • Transport and security checks
  • Loading of goods in aircraft and prepare for flight
  • After landing, preparation for the ramp transport of cargo
  • According to instruction receive ULDs and breakdown ULD
  • Checking of shipment as per the documents
  • Warehouse storage and clearing flight manifest
  • Loading of goods to the vehicle and dispatch

4 – Forwarding In

Here are the steps to take to make sure that it delivered on time:

  • After notified by the airline, pick up the documents and arrange the local pick up documents
  • Prepared custom documents, make sure for the clearance and print the custom release note
  • Arrange local pickup and delivery with all relevant documents and receive Proof of Delivery

5 – Consignment

  • Receiving shipment: After the receiving of shipment, checking of all goods and any visible damage can be identified. After reviewing, provide the proof of delivery
  • Unpacking Goods: Unpacking of all goods and checking for the losses during transportation
  • Check Goods with Administration: Count all the goods against the packing list or procurement order to find a missing good. Arrange claim for warranty if necessary. Also, arrange a custom declaration when required.

The Role of Air Cargo Shipping Companies in UAE

  • Receiving shipments from the sender
  • Provide packaging of the goods and shipment on cartoons or boxes
  • The shipper and recipient assisted for documents and procedures for the received and shipped goods
  • Companies will help in choosing the airline and suitable flights for transportation at the lowest price and shorter time
  • Closing of the process and confirmations from the customs and export
  • Provide insurance on shipment according to customer request
  • Inspection for shipment for the safety and process of refill and packaging


It is all about the various factors that affect the pricing of air freight in Dubai. For more questions, ask our experts.


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