Movers and Packers in Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Sharjah

Dubai and the UAE are places where people frequently move within the city or back to home. During summer it becomes at its highest peak. It seems like everyone is moving.  Due to a few causes, there is a shortage of movers and packers in Dubai. When it comes to trusted names, the list contains few names only. Serviceguru365 is one such name. Even you can call it the best name in terms of service, price, and reliability.

Movers and Packers in Dubai

Serviceguru365 is always there for you. We want you will get the best service, and hence today, we are here with some steps and questions that enable you to choose the best movers in Dubai. How? Go through this post, and you will get it.

Movers and Packers in Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Sharjah

Check Out Their Reviews

Per reviews are the most important thing. We all rate the service based on our experience, and movers and packers are no exception. Go and check all reviews and decide which one you want to choose. Note that many companies write their reviews, and hence you have to be careful and look for genuine reviews. Also, consider the experience of the movers; it also influences the service. Do not worry Serviceguru365 is not do all such tactics. We verify all the reviews for its originalness.

Review Out Their Documentation

after checking the reviews, go and ask for the commercial registration. If a company refuses to show the commercial registration papers, do not accept their service. As per the law, each mover and packers company in Dubai needs commercial registration for the service they offer to the customers. All services need to be licensed. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have man tower buildings, and hence insurance needs insurance cover in case of any damage. If there is any damage in the public area while moving, the insurance covers the cost of damage. That’s why you need to check all proper papers before choosing your next movers. Serviceguru365 has all the required documents and paperwork to show.

Consider Their Specialized Services (If You Need Them)

Most of the time, users have some delicate or valuable things like furniture or art piece that are prone to normal wear and tear while moving. If you have such thoughts, ask the movers and packers to meet the requirement for such specific items. In case you need storage space, ask for it as many do not have space for storage. Also, check the storage facility to make sure that the area is secure and can handle climate change.

Movers and Packers Features

Apart from the above points, also look for other features like price and delivery timings. The cost is an essential thing, but consider it at last. Why? Because price comes after the above consideration. What if the company offers service at a lower cost but does not offer an insurance cover or guaranteed and timely delivery? Not worth it!! At last, ask for the quotation, and for the accurate quote, visit the office for free.

If you find the services and quote too good, make a deal. Note that a little extra amount is worth it if the review of the company is positive and has vast experience in the same field. At Serviceguru365, you will get quality service at an affordable price.

Man time, we have heard stories where customer picks any movers and packers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai without proper inquiries and at last disappointed. That’s why to invest in the company that takes all the risk from your shoulders.


Now you know how to choose your next moving company in Dubai, and hence we don’t need to say more. The customers are smart enough and can pick the right one. Go through the offers, reviews, services, and features and done! Have a safe and happy moving day in advance from Serviceguru365.


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