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If you are thinking of shipping your goods from Dubai anywhere in the world, your first concern is the rates of shipping. Along with it, you need to look for the time and the comparison of sea freight with other methods of transportation. If you are shipping a large number of goods, then sea freight is the right choice. Often it is used to import and export the goods from one end to another of the globe. The reason behind its popularity is its cost-effectiveness. Before you make your final decision, have a look at the importance of sea freight shipping with the procedure.

The Importance of Sea Freight Shipping Companies in Dubai

Sea Freight Shipping Rates In Dubai - Ocean Shipping

Sea freight is one of the most significant, oldest, and important freight methods. However, the shipping method depends upon the type and quantity of goods. Handling bulky goods and equipment is not possible by the air freight as it needs too much space. Not only space but it also costs much more than sea freight.

On the other hand, ships have enough space to handle and place the quantity as well as heavy and large sizes of goods, machinery, and supplies. Yes, it takes more time than air freight. Different from the air freight shipping, it can reach to the far different destinations around the world. From Dubai, you can find many places where sea freight can reach. And from the dock, you can take the goods via road freight to the desired locations.

The Complete Procedure of Sea Freight Shipping Companies

For the freight companies, it is common to arrange sea freight and move the goods safely and legally. However, the customs process and import procedures are complex, and hence mistakes can cost much more than the original price of the goods. It needs effective management in the risk handling and smooth process. Here is the procedure of sea freight shipping companies:

  • Once the customer chooses the shipping company and agrees on the quote, the company collects the goods from the supplier and move it to the port.
  • It passes through the customs check from the origin point.
  • Goods are loaded into containers (FCL/LCL) and put onto a cargo ship for the journey.
  • On the arrival of the endpoint, it passes through the custom and released after all duty, and taxes are paid
  • The goods are delivered to the recipient in the container or on pallets according to the type of container used in shipping.

The Role of Sea Freight Shipping Companies in UEA

After looking at the procedure, you might think that shipping through sea freight is easy, but in reality, the process is complicated and needs lots of documents, procedures, and approvals. However, the shipping companies know about it very well ad makes the easy task for the customers without putting any burden of the customer’s shoulder.

Shipping companies always prioritize the procedure after looking at the shipment and destination place to determine the best shipping line according to their process. They try to reduce the transit time to a minimum. Also, they examine the goods type, weight, and size to provide the option of receiving good to the warehouse and from there reloading and assembling according to customer’s requirements.

As we all know, the sea freight shipping is dedicated to large weight loads like petroleum derivative, construction material, engineering equipment, foodstuff, transferring projects across the oceans, and other materials that need ample space. With this kind of stuff, freight forwarding companies in Dubai try to reduce the shipping procedure and ensure that the goods arrived safely. With the potential of transport of heavy accessories at a reasonable cost, Freight forwarding companies in the UAE serve the clients at its best.

They provide different option containers that suit the nature, type, and size of the goods. Containers are arranged accurately and orderly manner so that they cannot become congested. Space is utilized most conveniently. The company will finish all the documents and approval procedures with custom clearance.
Not only this but shipping companies in Dubai help in sorting and identifying the sensitive objects that are fragile or need special care while sipping. The packaging is done with the latest packing technology and according to the customer’s request.


It’s all about sea freight shipping companies in UAE, its produce, importance, and role in shipping the goods. We hope it is useful for you. For any queries, you can ask us your doubts; we are ready to solve your doubts.


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