What is the Best Way to Ship Cars from Dubai & Sharjah?

Being one of the leading car shipping companies in Dubai for years, we also offer our logistic service through road freight along with sea and air freight. With all require care, we offer speedy delivery at a competitive price. With the vast and diverse fleet of car carriers and trucks, we transport cars from Dubai and Sharjah according to customer’s requirements.

With the team of expertise in handling all car models according to the type of car and providing insurance service on land freight shipment, we serve best. Along with the sea and air freight shipping service, we are master to ship cars to most of the cities and ports around the world with the utmost care.

Ship Cars From Dubai & Sharjah

What is the Best Way to Ship Cars from Dubai & Sharjah?

We offer car shipping from the UAE, including receiving and delivering from all the parts, including Dubai and others, and ship it to other countries through land, air, or sea freight. To all the places where the road transit is possible, it is preferred to transport a car via road. Still, in Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, India, Singapore, and other cities, the most preferred option is sea freight. We cover most of the parts of the world, including the majority of countries and cities.

We receive your vehicle from your residence and saves your time and effort. The shipment takes several days to weeks depends up to the distance and type of freight. You can choose from hundreds of destinations as per the car space availability on the ship.

Features Of Shipping From UAE:

  • Offer different type and size of the container according to the kind of car in quantities
  • Provide car shipping service from Dubai and Sharjah to many other countries, cities, and ports through road and sea freight
  • Provide a RORO service for shipping cars. It increases possibilities to ship a large number of cars in all the destination
  • Offer car shipping service through air freight from Dubai to many airports
  • Complete the permit papers and other documents including custom checks that required to ship and export car from Dubai to the destination place
  • Protects car while shipping with safety measurements and method until it delivered safely
  • A regular schedule and on-time delivery to meet customer’s wish
  • Specially equipped vehicles to transport cars like hydraulic, open, covered for the sea freight and large car carriers for the door to door shipping for land fright
  • With the competitive shipping options, the latest technology, and integrated service, you can trust our freight system
  • Characterized specific and fast routes with regular international shipping
  • Customer clearance is on us for all types of vehicle from Dubai to the place where it exported
  • Two kinds of shipping options for the car; regular shipping and express shipping


After looking at the features, the best way to ship cars from Dubai and Sharjah is either road and sea. If road connectivity is available, you can choose the land freight but for the far countries which need to cover too much distance via road, go for the sea freight shipping service. We will take care of your car in all types of cargo, no matter whether it is land, sea, or air freight.


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