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International Shipping by Air - Air Freight Shipping Companies in Dubai, UAE

Serviceguru365 has more than 20 companies under its umbrella who provide air freight shipping service Dubai, air freight Abu Dhabi and air freight Sharjah servicesand provides a door to door or port to port service. We handle the best air freight shipping service and provide outstanding services within your budget and timeframe. For all air cargo services Dubai or air cargo services Abu Dhabi or air cargo services Sharjah we always stand with you at all times.

Our air freight service is designed to meet your time-sensitive shipping needs. We ship air cargo globally along with our logistics service partners. Whenever you choose us as international movers and packers Dubai or international movers and packers Abu Dhabi or international movers and packers Sharjah for your air freight shipment, we are ready to meet any critical business need or personal need.

We provide various services like expedited service, Same-day pick-up& process, Priority service, Guaranteed Next-Flight-Out, Air Charter Services, Standard/ General, Economic service etc. It means your fright is on its way immediately instead of waiting in the system to ship.

Ask your questions to our air fright shipment department, and our professional staff will answer your queries to your satisfaction. Do not hesitate to write to us or call us if you need any information about shipping from airport to airport or door to door, transit time or about any of our services. Our team would be happyto answer your queries.

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We help you with your shipping needs of international imports and exports. In addition to personal cargo we handle commercial cargo of industries like science, medicine, technology, engineering, etc. We have offersforevery industry irrespective of their goods and services they are looking for.

We are expert air freight shipping service forwarder in this region, and you can take advantage of our excellent airline cargo service. You can connect with us via call, live chat, or email and ask for a quote to handle your air freight. All the required details are provided on our website the market leaders we are sure you will get the best quote for your shipment from us. Our business development department is always working to develop competitive quotes with the best services.

The worldwide network of serviceguru365 makes sure that you get a swift shipping service. The chain includes delivering, tracking, pricing, and service agreements. We have partnered with global as well as regional air freight carriers who cater to worldwide customers.

What Is Airline Cargo Service?

Airfreight is a faster way to ship bulk goods. All the products are loaded on the plane and flown to your destination. It is a much faster method compared to shipping via road or sea. But when we consider air freight, keep in mind that there is limited space on the plane and weight is one of the important factors for the flight. Due to this reason, the air freight cost is calculated differently as compared to sea freight or road transport. Air freight is faster however that the same time costlier as compared to other modes like sea or road. If you are looking for speedy delivery, then opt for air freight quotes. If you are looking for a more affordable option, then go for shipping via sea.

Calculation of Air Freight Shipping Service Dubai, Air Freight Abu Dhabi, Air Freight Sharjah:

Airfreight rates are calculated based on either volumetric weight or actual gross weight of a shipment, whichever is the higher.

Some items take up more space on an aircraft compared to other items though their weight may be the same. For example, 5kg of pillow consumes much larger space compared to 5kg of a ofmetal goods.

Weight is about six times the critical factor in the air compared to the sea. To calculate the air fright cost, you need to multiply all dimensions of the boxes in meters and then divide by the constant 6. If the result is larger than the actual weight of goods, then it is considered as chargeable weight. If your volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of the goods, then volumetric weight becomes the chargeable weight.

When to choose or not-to-choose Air Freight Service?

Many people get confused between sea and air freight shipping service. When you have to decide between sea or air freight, you have to consider three major factors including Cost, Delivery time and Volume. When we compare sea and air freight, sea freight of international moving company isabout 4-6 time cheaper than the air freight.

Many people get confused between sea and air freight. When you have to decide between sea or air freight, you have to consider three major factors including Cost, Delivery time and Volume. When we compare sea and air freight, sea freight of international moving company isabout 4-6 time cheaper than the air freight.

Also people more conscious about the environment, carbon emission and carbon footprint prefer sea freight. Airfreight emits 545g of CO2 per tonne moved by a KM whereas the sea freight emits only 15g of CO2 per tonne moved by a KM.

If you are sending any valuable goods or perishable goods, then it is recommended to choose air option. Also ocean freight is subjected to rougher conditions. And hence people choose to ship by air in such cases.

Airfreight service is fast and reliable. Also the shipping progress can also be tracked easily. Air freight ships the goods and packages in much shorter time.

What goods are frequently shipped by Air Cargo?

1. Electronics:

We take care of everything end to end. We plan how, what, and when to make all the logistic arrangements to shift the items safely. We provide you a detailed plan that needs execution so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

2. Apparel:

Seasonal clothing which are in trends needs to ship faster. Theil outlets need to get clothes as fast as possible from the factories. The size and weight of such consignment is smaller, and hence air freight can be a good option for urgent delivery.

3. Pharmaceuticals:

As the size and weight is less and also the time is more important for medicine delivery, it is frequently shipped by air cargo.

4. Seasonal shipments:

Whenever there is a high demand for the product in the international market, it requires fast supply, and hence it is shipped by air.

5. Documents and Samples:

Air is the most cost-effective way to carry the documents and samples.